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Is not working in Singapore a pleasant experience

Working in Singapore is the dream of every employee. Singapore is one of the best cities in Asia to live in. It provides full facilities for not only growing up your business but also it is eco-friendly and westernised. It is famous for its tourism and hence business of any type can easily flourish here. Companies once flourished here can never stop doing profit.



To work in Singapore you firstly need your company to be registered. Company registration in Singapore is provided by HC Consultancy service. We being the agents will give you the correct advice and correct way to get your company registered. Your company must be authorized firstly. Secondly, amongst all the directors’ one of them must be a Singapore resident. There must be minimum of one and maximum of 50 shareholders. To work in Singapore is very beneficial. You have all the choices and all types of customers present here. If you are sincere enough about your work your company will surely reach to great heights.


Employment pass is a work visa issued by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower to foreign professional employees. To qualify for it you must have a minimum salary of S$3,600 per month. This pass provides you an eligibility to earn in Singapore for two years. This pass provides you hassle free travelling in Singapore. When the tenure of your pass is about to expire then all you need to do is to just renew it three months before it expires. HC Consultancy service helps you out in this. It seems easy but it’s not. You need to run a lot after the government offices as you may not know the correct places where your work will be done. We will provide you with all the details.


It’s best working in Singapore. All you need is authorization and HC consultancy service is there to help you in this.

Result Oriented And Best Services For Company Set Up, Pass For Employment In Singapore

The most important need for every grown up human being is to earn a decent living and most of the people prefer to choose the best job opportunities in their own city or abroad and they spend a lot of money to meet their expectations. It is very much a fact that since the most beautiful island city of the world Singapore has various world class business houses, companies and industries etc. various employment opportunities are available and this fact actually attracts a lot of qualified people to seek for a job or business opportunity in the city of Singapore. But it is not always easy to set up a business since various important formalities are to be accomplished. Our company in the market of Singapore which deals in the most efficient and highly result oriented services in setting up company in Singapore is very much recognized as the best and the most professional. Besides that we have the best rates in the market and our services are also very much affordable and appreciated by all our clients.



We give much priority to all our customers and clients’ requirement and having a very good and highly experienced about the market we are very much accustomed with the formalities and various requirements for people who prefer to work in Singapore. We have been assisting many people in availing the employment pass which is mandatory to avail by the Government of Singapore and our services are very highly appreciated. Besides that we deliver the best and highly professional services for company set up in the most efficient manner and we give our best so that our clients may not face any difficulty or hassles regarding the documentation or in fulfilling the formalities.

Professional and Trusted Llp and Company Registration in Singapore

One of most famous and popular business cities besides tourism the island of Singapore is preferred by many people to establish their business in the city. Since the city already houses various renowned business houses, MNC’s, industries and many more the preference for either joining a company in partnership or to set up a complete new company is in very high demand. Besides the LLP or Limited Liability Partnership through which few or many businesses who actually have very limited liability are often not responsible if another partner does something wrong. The city of Singapore under its jurisdiction has various rules and regulations and our company being very experienced and serving for many decades delivers the most efficient service for register llp Singapore and being acquainted with all the necessary procedures and formalities we are very much efficient and professional.



Besides that we are not limited to certain services or service but we also deal in various exclusive services like company registration in Singapore. Having much experience and with very experienced employees who are very much acquainted with all the formalities and requirements and the documentation extends full scale assistance to various clients in getting their company registered in the fastest and in the most efficient manner. We have always endeavoured to maintain a very good relationship with all our customers and clients and delivering quality service is our first priority. Besides that all our services are very much affordable and we also avail excellent discounted packages and offer which are the best in the market of Singapore. We have also availed our website with all the details of our services along with our contact details and the best offers. It has been a great privilege that we have very successfully registered various companies within the city of Singapore with great success and our services are also very highly appreciated by our clients.